Sunday, March 6, 2011

Please join me

Please come and join me over at my new blog -  My Creative Escape.

I will no longer be posting here at Funked Up Crafts, but I will leave it open for any future reference anyone may need.

Hope to see you over at my new blog

A Sad Goodbye- From the Funked Up Craft Company

Hope this finds you all well.

It is with deep sadness that I have to say goodbye to Funked Up Crafts. 

It was a hard decision for my family and myself to go ahead and close the doors at the craft store. Our personal life has become quite a bit busier and I was not able to give the store the time and effort it deserved. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you and I would like to express my gratitude for all of your support. I will also be saying good bye to the Face Book Group as well. I plan to keep my blog going and with hopes that I will be able to go back to posting on a more regular bases.

Please feel free to contact me via e-mail (there is a link on the side bar) if you have any questions.

I am saying goodnight for now but will be back tommorrow with a regular posting.

Thank-you all once again for all of your support....the last 3 years (how long Funked Up has been operational) has been wonderful and I feel absolutely blessed to be a part of so many crafter's lives and to have been invited to various communities in Northern Alberta. Thank-you again :)

Take Care,                Jessie

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Perpetual Calendar

Hey there, So I kind of suck when it comes to remembering birthdays and anniversaries and so on. That is where the perpetual calendar comes in, it helps you to remember as the dates are listed by months and you would keep it somewhere handy where you would always look at it like at a family command center, a bathroom, etc :). I also combined it with a design team application to Bugaboo Stamps. I didn't make their design team but they did provide me with a free digi stamps to say "thanks for trying out". But really you should check out their design team they are uber talented and are making some wonderful projects for Bugaboo and their weekly challenges.


Hope you like it as I sure had alot of fun making it.

Take Care,


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Go All Night Scrapbooking Fundraiser

The registration is now open for the Go All Night Scrapbooking Fundraiser. You can get all the info over on their blog Go All Night Scrapbooking Events. While you are over at their blog you may want to check out some of their past sponsors............seriously these ladies know what they are doing and doing it great. Through this fundraiser they are able to remarkably support their community and their choice of organizations to support changes year to year. I speak from past experience when I say that this has got to be the best scrapbook event going. They are real die hards up in High Level and some really do stay up all night. There are sleeping arrangements at the school so you do not have the extra expense of hotel rooms or meals. This really one of those events that shouldn't be missed. Hope I've talked you into in a bit, it would be awesome to see you there (they have also asked Funked Up Crafts to participate again this year....woot!). They also have other vendors on site so that you may have access to a wonderful variety of products. This is one scrapper that just can't wait :)

Take Care,


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh my e-craft!

Okay so I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been traveling quite a bit with the store plus add one's family and you have a full plate...which I am super grateful for :)  Anyways, I've been wanting an electronic cutter for quite some time and the Cricut products just blow my mind to the point of not knowing where to start, so I got the go ahead from Jeff (my wonderful & supportive hubby) to go ahead and order my birthday present....yeah!  So I ordered myself the e-craft from Craftwell and I've only had a chance to play with it for a couple of hours so far and let me tell you it is fantastic.

Its very new on the market and with anything new comes some bugs, but they are working on them.  I've checked out their web site and they have stated a new community, they have start up videos, as well as one called "e-craft 101". So I'll keep you posted on the e-craft and I won't be around the next few days as I am headed up to High Level for the weekend.

Take Care,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Twas the CROP before Christmas

Came croppers galore to support little hands. 

Please join us as we crop for the holidays, in support of the
BFN Aboriginal Headstart Program. Proceeds will be used to pay for the students’ end of year celebration & awards.

When: Saturday, December 4th
Where: Rocky Lane Public School Gymnasium
Time: 9am to 9pm
Cost: $40/table. (Registration includes a Goody Bag and Supper. A
concession will be provided on-site courtesy of RLPS Grad Class or Travel Club)
Festivities will include a Chinese Crop exchange (see registration form for details), door prizes, games, and contests.
12 hours of holiday joy, gifts, and giving, oh and we mustn’t forget CROPPING!

Please call Tammy Predovic (780)841-8031, Heather Batt (780) 927-4991 or Darlene Bulldog (780)927-4191 to get your registration form. They will be available in hard copy or via email November 1st.

Please let us know if you would like the option of ordering an additional t-shirt or crop gift, i.e. mug or apron..I'm looking for options and suggestions!!