Thursday, December 9, 2010

Go All Night Scrapbooking Fundraiser

The registration is now open for the Go All Night Scrapbooking Fundraiser. You can get all the info over on their blog Go All Night Scrapbooking Events. While you are over at their blog you may want to check out some of their past sponsors............seriously these ladies know what they are doing and doing it great. Through this fundraiser they are able to remarkably support their community and their choice of organizations to support changes year to year. I speak from past experience when I say that this has got to be the best scrapbook event going. They are real die hards up in High Level and some really do stay up all night. There are sleeping arrangements at the school so you do not have the extra expense of hotel rooms or meals. This really one of those events that shouldn't be missed. Hope I've talked you into in a bit, it would be awesome to see you there (they have also asked Funked Up Crafts to participate again this year....woot!). They also have other vendors on site so that you may have access to a wonderful variety of products. This is one scrapper that just can't wait :)

Take Care,