Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Graffitti Copic Style!

So my son needed some extra storage in his locker for 
some of his supplies he won't need for awhile. So I got thinking that any more school shopping would be horrid. I cam up with an idea to use one of my older craft tins that I wasn't really using.......but then thought .....oh my gosh how I am I going to make a pre-teen like this tin?  Then it came to me use my Copics and the Air Brushing System.  So it didn't turn out all pretty and girlie but I was able to get my soon to be 12 year old to like (and not be embarrassed to boot).

 I have found the Air Brushing System to be a huge asset and the possibilities are endless what one can do with it. And would recommend it to anyone to compliment their collection of Copic Markers.

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