Sunday, December 20, 2009


 Hope all is well this holiday season.  My Brother in-law called me up one day and said that he and his son would like to make people cards for Christmas and he thought instead of just going down to Michaels he would give me a call so I could hook him up. Well I really didn't want them to create cards that looked like they just got done playschool so I created a custom kit for them. I included 1 paper kit from My Mind's Eye and added a bit of cardstock and a few pieces of ribbon and a few sample cards to help guide them. But I also used some images from Stampin Up (from my own personal stash). So here is 1 of the cards I came up with for Chris and Gavin to use.

And I must add that I think it is absolutely awesome that Chris wanted to spend time with Gavin creating these personal gifts for family and friends. Chris is a single Dad that has full custody of his Son after a long and treacherous road. Truly one of those miracles that comes directly from God.

Happy Holidays,                                  Jessie